Howto develop a php composer package for Laravel

💡Wondering how to start developing a PHP package which can be installed through composer? Here's how you can start developing your own package:


Howto share your Google Calendar with an Iphone

Ever wondered how to add your shared Google Calendar to your Iphone Agenda app? Here you go:

📅Select you calendar you want to have visible on your Iphone
📱Open your Iphone Agenda, go to "Agenda's", select the Goo…

Flow Builder Redirect after Interview Completion

I'm not using Flow Builder (aka Visual Flow) very often, but when I do... I'm baffled, positively ánd (unfortunately) also negatively 🙄 #diamondintherough

Anyway, to keep it short, I had created a flow in which a Contract was being created. The only requirement I still …

Initial Commit.

You probably know the feeling when you're thinking about an idea, but you never really get to the point where you actually start building it? Well, the same happened with this blog. It's almost kind of funny, but it took me around 5 years to really get this party st…