Laravel Business Validation Rules/Errors

👉 Wondering how to use business validation errors?

In my opinion:

  • Form Requests are ideally used for tier-1 "Form Validation", not specifically tier-2 "Business rules validation", because there can (and will) be n-amount of business validation paths resulting out of only 1 Form Request (based on the user input)
  • so handling and throwing these inside a Form Request or a Controller method is not the preferred way of doing Business Validation in your app, so what is the preferred way?
    • as the term "Business Validation" already implies, this type of validation belongs to the specific domain you're working in
    • these validations may pop up anywhere in your business logic such as for example in Actions (if you're using a domain driven approach)
  • Laravel already provides you with an easy solution to throw Validation Exceptions ánd let's you even add custom messages. This is how you could do it:

  throw ValidationException::withMessages(['error.business_logic_incorrect' => 'The invoice total amount cannot be greater than 0 if it is a Credit Note.']);


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